Radio 1 wkend 2003??



Whats this i hear about some of the the radio 1 wkend been held at "Punta es moli"? maybe im been ignorant but ive never heard of the place.
It’s the windmill on the road round to San Antonio Bay. Just before you get the Hawaii hotel – behind the Bahia.
i go every year espically for the radio 1 shindigs quality beach entertainmnet always provided looking forward to this yr i think the sa punta es moli site is awesome and a refreshing change from the sunset stripe even though pete tong essential selection is from mambo every friday throughout the season ;)
it is from the studio but i think it will be played live at mambo as pete gooding is resident guest slot of 30mins each week i beleive
the actual live weekend one will be from Es Moli - which is a brilliant site for it

last years was fantastic and this years is gonna make a great last night for me and the missus