Radio 1 weekend



Where is the windmill site in San Antonio as this is where the radio 1 shows will be from and ive never heard of it b4. Also why move it away from Mambo's as i thought that site was perfect.
Erm me too...

I catch the 1st night of it and then fly back at 2:00 sat morning. Doh i miss the big night on sat.
As far as i know ....
Sa Punta des Molí is located leaving San An taking
the road to Sant Josep then turn right following the coastline
Port des Torrent (sign „Restaurante Sa Punta des Molí“ and „Hotel Hawaii“).
I don't know the place but i think i passed quite close ...
It's an open air museum , i think ....

Did you mean that ?

they have probably moved it because of the local authorities are trying 'to clean up' the place. The authorities probably decided it was too noisey and there where too many people for that location.

Thats my guess anyway based on what the authorities have done this year already to some establishments.


cheers for that guys, does anyone know what is actually happening on that friday. what time it is stopping.
Yip Yip...i'm over there 31 July - 7th i'd like to know what the deal is with the Radio one thing on the Friday....!....i know that they will be at Priv. on the Sat 3 and then after that down to Space for the rest on Sunday....!

If your going to these nights....wanna meet up and say hello.....!
the events on friday will probably be broadcast from a studio on the island and not be open to public. they were last year anywaay
LushCrew said:
I'll see if I can find it on my map

its easy :D

Cheers rustywoo,

Never mind its just gonna have to be a night out some were else instead.