QuickReview of Ibiza 18th-25th-June 2003


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Just filing my report after an amazing week and I'm going back for the closing parties.

This was my fifth visit to Ibiza and in the past I've done the same round of clubs with a couple of variations and this time was no exception. For historical records my favourite times have been Cream @ KU (Mike Pickering / David Morales / Jon Pleased Wimmin) / BT Live + John Digweed @ Renaissance Pacha.

Thurs 19/6 Cream - Paul Oakenfold was very good, mixture of classic tracks and driving tunes you'd expect from him. I'd had too much to drink (unusual for me) and hadn't got into the going out really late thing so I needed pleanty of prompts the next day as I couldn't remember much. He played U2 - Where the streets have no name at the end of the set and Jam and Spoon - follow me, and even one of his own Souther Sun... there were other tunes but I heard mostly bass as I danced next to the speakers for too long.

Sun 22/6 Space - Arrived earlyish after reading on here about getting pass-outs but as only my friend got on the guest list for some reason I payed up and got an armband - he didn't and they wouldn't do pass outs for guest list people (contary to previous posts on here). The atmostphere was good the music started ok, dull-ish, about 4pm it got better and things started to take off I remember ESamba and KurtisMantronix and ThrillHer (MichaelJackson Thriller sample) everyone was dancing and me too.. then Danny Rampling invaded, only heard him once before at Manumission 3 or 4 years ago, he ruined a good day once again, he cannot mix (records backing into one another and in no good order or flow), he dropped eSamba into his set and where the crowd had been built up for it previously this was a shock and didn't work well even the bar staff were like statues and around me you could hear people chatting away... he is the worst DJ EVER. To labour this a little - he ruined Manumission after Farley Jack Master Funk had done a poptastic set using his mike like noone else dare which I don't normally like but it worked the crowd well, Danny came on and played a top tune (some ibiza classic) to start and then bored the ass of everyone with dull and tuneless chicago house (I think) the ride home on the disco bus cheered me up on that occasion).

So to recap - Danny Rampling - he HAS BEEN a good Dj, now he isn't - seriously I am never going to a club he is playing at Ever again. If the bar staff are dancing and the club is rocking he wasn't playing.

Smoking Jo came on and cheared things up - quite impressed. I weant off to fine my friend who loved it hard and dark so I found him in the downstairs club part of Space and he wasn't happy - the warm up DJ down there was suffering from bad clashing beats which sound the same and have no melody so I rescued my friend who wanted to go by now.

I feel like a spoiler for Space - I love the place, but both occasions I've not quite enjoyed something - first time (2yr ago) Sasha turned up late for his set and by that time the day had tired me out and I started to get bored of the beats - no substance assistance! This year I heard Sasha had missed his plane by oversleeping... but DannyRampling had spoiled things.

MONDAY - with some friends I had to take them to Manumission (tourists ahoy) it was fun and the dj's were good. First up a guy with a bald head - he played well until he got distracted when the 2nd DJ turned up - the 2nd DJ looked like Andy Caroll? not sure - well he played it good slightly poptastic and it worked. The show was a bit amateur but entertaining for a while.

Tuesday - Pacha UNDERWATER/. DJs were great - Groove Armarda got a little annoying by dropping their accapellas every other record "I see you baby.. Bang Bang Bang Bang...." :) It all seemed quite accessible musically which shocked me as I'd expected a progressive night!

So I'm back to see Sasha at Pacha and take in Bora Bora and DC10 maybe in September... cu there (but not Danny Dampling).

Thanks for the review.
Sorry to hear Danny put a dampener on things, I agree that he can be a bit hit or miss, but when he's good he's very good.
i was there for the same week, but went to a few different nights.

Subliminal at Pacha wa pretty average, crowd werent really up for it and the music was very unexciting.

Space was the best club, and it was pretty funny up til 4pm, not too packed, space to dance lots of friendly happy people. But as you said then danny came on. OMFG it ws the worst set i have ever heard, he coudl even do a basic mix! After 3 tunes i decided to use by walk out pass, and take my umpteenth trip to the best place on the island bora bora bar.

Got back at 10pm everyone ws loving it, was a tad to packed and hot for me though. BTW for anyone in space at night is it always dare i say...boring? I honestly dont mind a bit of prog, but not all night, had to leave.

Unfortunatelty i missed out on enjoying DC10, went straight after space (after changing for the third time in a day), but only stayed till 8.30am cos i was way too :eek: :( .

Hopefully going back for me berfday in sept, only for three days though. If anyones got any advice on the cheapest way to do three days (bookign now or late deals) as long as im in playa i dont care where im sleeping (slept on the beach for the first night out there!)
I was there too... got back yesterday and still feel rough! Who was that bald guy @ manumission???? His set was amazing, the crowd didn't seem to appreciate it though full of beer boys, i was 'avin it big time until that show came on, what a load of cr*p, bought me straight back down to earth, had to leave after that... Anyone see carl cox@space on tuesday???? He was the nuts.........!!!!