Quick DJ Question?


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When Dj'ing using cd's, do you have multiple tracks on each cd as in 6-12 tracks and make two copy's or do you have an individual track on each cd as if it were a cd single?

Ive just recently got cd decks after using vinyl for years and im not sure on weather to use alot of mp3's on disc and make the two copy's or burn it as audio and have 1 or 2 tracks on each cd.

What do you recommend and what do you's use yourselves?
Well being an old vinyl man I just have 1 or 2 tracks on each cd as if I have anymore than that I cant remember what tune is what.
same for me 10-12 on each cd - two copies of each.... all numbered so I know which ones are my recent tracks
i've got pioneer mk3's which can play mp3 files so i usually have 2 identical cd's with about 70 tracks on them.
I usually have between 10 - 15 on a cd, however I found when I was working in dark clubs, I found it really difficult to see the tracks.

I went through all my house stuff, and limited it to between 2-3 tracks per cd, with the title in big letters. Worked a dillion :)
defo have 8 tracks per cd, 2 copies of each cd
as for seeing them in a dark club - always take a trusty mini torch in your record bag

if all else fails use the light from your mobile!