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Question everything around you Question your existence on this earth.What makes you tick? What sounds in electronic music trigger certain emotion.Why are we addicted to this strange sounding music?
This mix reflects the obsession I have for electronic music.It consumes my soul. I think and dream in beats ever so often. Is this normal..who knows ? I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately on what drives me thorough life. This mix takes you into the mind of a crazed musical scientist searching for the newest sounds. What are you passionate about?

1) Uncle Tech/Todd Terry
3)Wicked Times/D-Formation
4)Lost in Acid/David Tort
5)Make a Movie/ Alex Alicea
6) U Don't Even Know Us
7) Chicken/ WTF?
9)Ghost n Stuff/Deadmou5
10)Monkey Business/Dj Dan
11)Hip Housin/KId Massive
12)Hulk/Chus...DJ Wady.....Patrick M