Question for you ibiza gurus'



Planning on going out this comming June '04 prolly around the 22nd in time for the opening of Gatecrasher in club pacha on the 24th.

There should be no more then 8 of us, was wondering what was the best way to go about accomodation there?
How much would it be for us to rent an appartment/villa for 7-10 days or would it be cheaper to book a hotel or something?

Would like a place where we could all chill when were not out, atleast where 4 of us could share atleast one room/appartment, more fun when all of the boys are sharing.

Any links to possible suggestions would be much apprietiated also :)
I HEAVILY doubt Crasher will go back to Pacha. Pacha would prob let them, Crasher might want to actually- doin the glam thing with republic. It wouldnt suit the night at all tho. Pacha is about house music :p

no reply because I was working- sorry can't be browsing the board 24/7.
read more here

also My best friend works for the company that is doing staging for certain parts of the opening event- no rumor.

Thanks for you help
Quote from that link Lee gave above:
please don’t forget to join us every Thursday morning at the legendary Space. The original and the best after-hours hang out on the island, making Gatecrasher’s debut in Ibiza, a spectacular 17-hour party that’s non-stop.

That means not only will Gatecrasher hold a night on wednesdays @ Pacha, but also after parties on thursday mornings @ Space.

Strange thing is that i couldn't find any info about it on Gatecrasher's official website.

Shall we get all excited or shall we not? :D :D
im slightly pissed (for a change) so correcto me if im wrongo.

Crasher have hired the S man! Quality! But Crasher should be about trance!

Plus Crasher are hiring house dj's and goin on a wed- I think we all know Wednesdays in Ibiza and house are all about Subliminal! So theres no competition really!

Or is the wed and sanchez deal for wed at space? Coz I cant really see Roger playing on pacha on wed (obviously coz Subliminal rule the roost) and Roger has his own night is at the same venue on mon!

Once again remember Im pissed. If I get on before anyone in the morning ill amend all the cock ups, otherwise have a bitch at me ;) :lol:
everybody STOP!!

gatrecrasher done this a few years back, and it was a HUGE failure.

they had the the 's-man' back then as resident.

even crasher aren't stupid enough to make the same mistake twice.

wednesday 21st june 2004 is NOT a wednesday! the 21st june in 2004 is a monday.

if gc are at pacha on 'wednesday 21sty june' i will eat my hat!
...oh, and another thing.

its hghly unlikely that any club night and club on the island would have confirmed any bookings for next summer already.

its just not the 'done' thing.
Lee, same date as meeeee!!!!!uhh and YES, Crasherr SCHOULD ONLY be about traaance and not house, let them play house in Pacha for all I care, but let Crasher maintain its standard for trancey things!
I think you can all relax....

That website hasnt been updated since year 2000!

Code - Britains newest superclub? haha

I thought something was a bit fishy! Surely S-man wouldnt do 2 nights at Pacha, or any night to clash with his do.

And heres the clincher - There is no Wed 21st June 2004!!!
Ahem! :rolleyes:

Is anyone going to answer the initial Q then?

I'd recommend Santa Eularia. It will offer you a place to chill in the day, with a beautiful harbour and thriving nightlife. It's away from the madness, but close enough to sample the clubs and on the disco bus route. Access to the north of the island is better, allowing you to explore some less beaten tracks.

It'll also be a bit cheaper.