question for the people who have already been



did this year ibiza magic seem to be missing for you or was that just me.

did not feel the same buzz as the prevoius 5 trips.. any one else, or did you get the same buzz and feeling as you expected
Well as you know i missed about 1 week of my holiday and the first week was good but things hadn't got going that much.
Most places were pretty quiet except for at the weekend.
It was still really nice in the first week but there was a lack of atmosphere in the clubs that we went to. apart from Pacha pure opening.
I thought it was a little more relaxed this year which for me is closer to the ibiza I fell in love with in the mid 90's. I thought the general vibe this year was really good. I was starting to have my doubts last year and they are all gone after this visit.
I already posted the same thing Kirsty.....I just came back from 2 weeks and myself and many seasoned clubbers said exactly the same thing.....

I thought it was me but nope....I just dont know where its gone :( ...
We still had a great time in some clubs but it sure has lost its spritual uplifting spark......
I know everyone's saying it's quieter this year but surely this can only be a good thing. The proper clubbers and people like us who appreciate the beauty of Ibiza will keep on returning, no matter what.

If the numbers are down, then I'm sure the people who aren't returning are your typical club 18-30 lot who discovered that Ibiza was no longer a cheap option (especially with the euro conversion) and are now going to the likes of Magaluf, Faliraki... which are a lot cheaper.

More space for us in the clubs and on the beaches can only be a good thing!
I've been for the last 15 years and in that time the vibe has gone from very high to very low back to high again. This year the vibe was similar to usual for me so i'll be back out the whole of September
I loved it as much as every other year, I thought some clubs were slightly quieter but imo that's a good thing, still fantastic atmosphere but bit of room for the old bint to dance :p

I think there is just so much choice this year, more so than ever before, clubbers are being bit more selective where they spend their money when it comes to clubbing. Bora Bora was going off as much as ever every day.

Our holiday was perfect from start to finish, didn't have a bad night, met loads of fab people and everything was just generally spot-on :D

Bring on September :D
ksixty9 said:
did this year ibiza magic seem to be missing for you or was that just me.

did not feel the same buzz as the prevoius 5 trips.. any one else, or did you get the same buzz and feeling as you expected

Ibiza-girlie said:

... or changed; ibiza changes, but we change as well...

was there in the end of june. my 4th summer, liked it a lot... but
then i like it best in the start of the season; not to packed, and
the "summer just started" mood is everywhere, people are friendly
& full of good wibes; nice... :D

### barx
I remember in 95 people were saying Ibiza was finished. It was a great year, full of proper clubbers who were 100% up for it and not just there for the lager. The curse of Ibiza Uncovered is finaly being washed away. Lets hope we can return to those les commercial days as the last few years have been a bit of a joke.

I mean thousands of people outside Cafe Del Mar each evening because it was in their brochure as something they must do misses the point. When the sun goes down, these people then getting up walking away? Whats all that about?

More space in clubs, more chance of getting a taxi and less football tops! BRILLIANT!
.. I was quite happy with how it was thanks .. I've not a doubt in my mind that nowhere else will EVER take over from Ibiza .. it will always be the "original" clubbing island, and therefore will remain a special place in everyone's minds.
i personally dont mindi t crowded, but still nice to be able to actually get a table at the strip and breathe in the clubs. Hope august isnt as busy as ive heard!!!