Question for the Canadians



Anyone know of a decent Canadian dance (electronic) music forum?




As an aside, how wicked is Toronto clubbing!

I was living out of the country for 4.5 months in Dublin, Ireland (which also included an Ibiza holiday and weekends in Dublin) and have to say that my nights out since I have been back have been incredible. Amazing, beautiful people every time... and the women, f***ing hell (Dublin and London much more hit and miss in both departments). I knew this country excelled at many things, didn't know clubbing was one of them!
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djcherni said:
and the women, *beep*ing hell

If only they smiled....

Check out Montreal, man. It pisses on Toronto in all respects when it comes to clubbing.

And I *live* in Toronto.
Torontonians smile more than Londonders!

I’ve heard that Montreal is the spot… supposed to go see Danny Tenaglia in September.

Here’s a joke that a Paris-based client of my employer told me while I was in Dublin:
Q. “What’s the difference between Toronto and yogurt?”
A. “Yogurt has active culture.”

Where do you hang out in Toronto? I have met some wicked people/had some great times at Film, Element, on 2 boat cruises (the Nocturnal magazine one and Escape Tours this weekend) and enjoy watching the porn stars at The Skybar (wow - I've never seen women like that ANYWHERE)…


djcherni said:
Torontonians smile more than Londonders!

Not in clubs. On the streets, ok, but not in clubs. Then again, nobody smiles on the street in either city.

UK clubs are the most friendly anywhere outside of Ibiza in terms of talking to strangers, physical contact, and smiling. It's a cultural and chemical thing. Montreal comes close, but no cigar.

The Brits will, of course, strongly disagree.