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Just wondering how much do the ferries cost that go from San An port to closeby beaches and resorts? Like how much for the ferry from San An to Cala Gracio? Thanx.
Cala Gracio is a 10 minute walk along the coast - I would NOT recommend walking back using the road as that takes ages and you dice with death.

To Cala Bassa and Cala Conta it cost 600 and 700 pts last year (I think thats around 4 Euros - but it's a return ticket). There's also a bus that goes to Cala Tarida from San An.
why would anyone want to take a ferry when the world's largest beach, s'arenal, is now located at san antonio - just between the sea and the paseo maritimo.
Because my hotel is at Cala Gracio. Still trying to get more ideas on how to get from there to San An everyday.
so wouldn't it have been easier to ask "how do i get from cala grassio to san antonio"
and the answer of course is the half hourly bus.

see it's easy.

to be honest i don't know if there is a ferry (water taxi) from cala grassio to san an - i've never seen a jetty at c g., but then i've never been there in summer??

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go to the villa manchega
great food, great prices.
don't say i sent you!!!
Rustywoo is correct. I'd much rather take a ferry to my hotel than a bloody bus. I saw on Ibiza Spotlight somewhere that said ferries go from San An port to Cala Gracio... just don't remember where.
sorry ck, girlfriend cherry b has just got out of bed and confirmed that there isn't a ferry. looks like the bus or walking are your two options. why do you want to go to san an btw?

Bus or walking is fine with me. Well, I know I'll be in San An to eat or drink or for clubbing and partying so I just wanted to know some transport info. Thanx to everyone for the help.
the ferries to all the beaches go from the port in San Antonio town. its about 3 euros return! all the buses go there too, they're about the same price. i never made it to the beaches last week, but they're supposed to be really nice! so if u get a chance to go to them, do! Hope this helps! xx