Question about Es Vedra


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Ibiza-Spotlight reports that the only way to get to Cala d'hort is by car or taxi from much of the island. I've read however, in several travel guides, as well as other websites that it can be reached by bus---taking #42 from Playa den Bossa, and then walking about 800 m from the nearest there any truth to this, or will I have to hire a taxi in order to get to this place? Thanks.
The 42 bus goes from PdB to San Jose and onwards to Es Cubells.

In theory, you could hop out on the San Jose-Es Cubells road and walk up towards Cala d' Hort. But looking at a map, it looks to me more like 5km than 800m.

(I'm assuming the bus goes the direct route... it could, in theory, take the long way around)
Thanks...looks like I'll probably have to get a taxi to get there then, or just see Es Vedra by boat
Or you could save money by taking the bus to the village of San Jose and catching a taxi there...