Question about Caving/Gorges on Ibiza

Dave 1

New Member
Silly question i know but just wondering if Ibiza actually has any decent Caves for visiting? Is caving an active past time for visitors to the Island failing that are there any nice Gorges for walking similar to the superb 19km Samaria Gorge found on Crete. Just a thought?


Just done a google search i see that there's a tourist attraction located near Port San Miguel/Can Marca but i'd of thought given Ibiza's geographical location that more places for exploring freestyle caving would've been found?

Silly b*gger i am & excuses for this topic as i didn't realise that another topic on this subject has already been posted elsewhere on Spotlight. Mind, as for caving i'm more into DIY stuff seeking out the adventure & adrenalin thrill that exploring such magnificent sites offer without paying for entrance etc..