PVD Set @ Cream Amnesia


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sup guyz

does anybody knows how long the set of PVD will be at cream Amnesia on 30 July & 6th of August ? and what time will his set be ?

what type of set does he normally drop in amnesia...is it classics? or new material and classic tunes? etc. thanks
PVD usually plays a classics set, brillantly remixed, so it still sounds fresh. Loved his set @Cream last season!:p Bring on summer '09!!
Yeh.. loads of classics.. Beachball, For An Angel, Gouryella, Out Of The Blue etc etc...

Plays new stuff aswell!

Love it when he plays New York City Nights!
thanks people. ive seen PvD a few times before, but never in amnesia so i was just wondering what his set might be like. cant wait for this july/august!