PvD - Reflections

Mark Sun

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I'm a big fan of PVD, despite the fact I don't really like trance very much.. but this album is pants, IMHO - soooo cheesy. The music's OK (very good in places), but the vocals/lyrics are Ian Van Dahl bad!

ANyone else think this or am I being too harsh?
Total turd Mark..I am more or less in the same boat as yourself i rarley play Trance but always make a point of hearing PVD live as he is a legend in my eyes,but i was hughely disappointed about reflections also
maybe he's trying to attract a wider audience?

making himself more commercial and cheesy!!!
I agree with u people that Reflections reflects the more commercial sounds of trance, However u can look at it in a different way - it also reflects unique sounds PVD had never used or included in his past albums/sets.
Its a "always look on the bright side of life" kinda thing.

And no i ain't into trance so much myself either, but yes i am still a proud PVD fan cause of graces he did back in the days :)

And i bet this album WILL sell, and alot. (isn't that the whole purpose anyway?)