well here it is
short synopsis:
I flew from atlanta to NYC at 12:30 got in at 2:30 took a cab str8 to virgin records and arrived at 3, bought 2 PVD CD's and had his vinyl to get signed...I drand some coffee right at the DJ booth anticipating his arrvial. Then his managers come in...and get evryone to move back....i was the first 5 people in line when he came in and i was pissed i forgot my CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...but i saw him 5 feet away...he went to the DJ booth and spun an hour set and came out and did autographs..Ive never seen so many happy people in my life at one place :)(that's not a club PVD is spinning in). anyways go to my friends house and relax for few hours and then head to roxy @10:30 YAY

we had tix so we stood in a seperate line and got in at 11. Luis Diaz came on was banging till about 1:50..when all the people started heading toward the main dance floor :)....then all the lights went off...and lasers lit up the dance floor...and sporadic beats came on and we knew it was PVD...:)...and he spun a great set:)...that's all i remember
then flew back to atlanta in the morning

REVIEW: PvD dropped a killer set in New York. There were already lines before the club (Roxy) opened and the atmosphere inside was filled with lots of energy. Luis Diaz opened the set until 2AM then PvD came on -- it was a combination of classics and new tracks (another way, we're alive, synesthasia, rapture, i feel you, robert miles ~ children, silencer ~ rollin 'n' controllin, carerra 2, animacion, nothing but you ..... and he closed the set at 8AM with born slippy). Overall a fun night on the town. God's willing my next time hearing him should be July 3rd & 17th @ Cream~Amnesia.
:( It sounds like you guys had so much fun, I am so jealous!! I wish I could have joined you at the Roxy! Maybe one day.... :rolleyes:
Yeah it was lots of fun -- hopefully you'll be in the right place at the right time and get the opportunity to hear PvD bring the house down...
I'll be there too 8) OK, you don't know who the heck I am, but I'm sure you're happy to hear that regardless :D

PvD was absolutely awesome at Heaven, London on the 25th - he's the absolute daddy.

Last year at Cream, Tiesto was sick so he played a 6 hour set. I thought I was going to cry with happiness when he dropped 'for an angel' at about 7am...