PVD at Cream 8/15



Still in Ibiza. Will write a massive review later. Just saw PVD at Cream on 8/15. I did not at all think that this place was sooo crowded like everyone said it was. I found the atmosphere great and the smoke cannon refreshing. Did anyone else agree with me on this one? I´m basically saying that cream that night was not as busy and horrible as everyone makes it sound...

And me. So maybe it's not going to be so quiet after all - just full of Ibiza Spotlight peeps!
Room for one more??????? Oh and my 12 mates????????? This place is gonna be rammed!!!!!!!!!!
I'm gonna be checkin it out on the 22nd with tiesto, sandra collins and mauro picotto with his dirty, filthy beats. Can't wait, n e 1 else going to this night?
JonnyDp said:
Good! Hopefully it will be less be even less packed on 29/8!

me too mate as i will be there that night as well! :D :lol: :D :twisted:
I also saw PVD on 15/8. I guess if they opened up some of the VIP area it would be much better in Amnesia. As it stands there's not one seat in the club to chill out. But you're right it's not that bad, there's certainly space to shake your thang.
That is so unfair. I went 2 weeks ago and it was like a sardine sauna. I went on the wrong week :cry:
We were also there on the 15th and I agree that it was'nt as bad as I thought it would be........We were under the fans all night and PVD was amazing!!!! Had a lot of fun that night!!!!
PVD at Cream

I have to agree that cream on the 15th was superb but the next week was even better, mauro played his f**king heart out, although spent most of the night in the terrace as it was v laid back and the tunes were f**king awesome. If anyone is going I would def recommend getting treated off the girls with the angel fingers-------one of the best feelings of my life and a steal at 5 eus.

Enjoy ya bastards, i`m stuck here for another year!!!!!!!

Keep it real and keep it balearic :eek:
the angel hair babes are also at godskitchen. at least when i waas there in june. really nice. cant beat a fancy heaaaaad massage
i was there as well but i must admit that pvd was horrible...pure cheese and no flow to his set...i was looking foward to seeing him forever and boy did he dissapoint...

he opened with some wack ass version of overdrive...i was not suspecting that at all.....we stood til 7 and had enough.....

i went to see pvd and tiesto at the end of july start of aug and it was very rammend, no space to dance.
Welcome back Robo! Where'v ya bin'?

Did you ever get to the Cairo Lounge? It was closed while we were there, but my Girlfriends Mum and Dad went to the timeshare and went down.

Obviously, they're not real clubbers, but he kept raving on and on about it, firejugglers, magicians etc, etc...

Just wondered if you managed to see the place yourself this year.

All the best,