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Well guys and girls we have 2 meets up this year;-

1. Sunday 14th September at 10pm in Pink Panther, San An Bay
2. Wednesday 17th September at 9pm in Pink Panther, San An Bay

Let us know which one you are coming to - both is even better!!! Sue needs to know how many jugs she is going to need!!!

Anyone travelling with mates or alone more than welcome to come and join the party!!!!

See you all there and hope everyone has a mint time in IBIZA!!!!
will try to be around on Sunday but this really depends on my plane otherwise be there on wednesday ...

Sunday 14th September at 10pm in Pink Panther - - - I will do my best to be there, be bringing my mate too!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!

Yo yo yo Jason. I´m going to the Pink Panther meetup tonight, so I´ll see you later! I didn´t get a phone, but I check my e-mail once a day. It was great meeting all of yoo on the 14th!
Are you lot going out after the pink panther or staying in there all night?

My mate is going home tonight at around middnight so if the party is still goign to be rocking I might pop in :)
hi there

they usually stay in the panther until about 2ish xx then go clubbing or into town xx see you later, just come up and see me at dj box.. i will point them out xx