Put a Smile on Your Face Mix!!


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Well it's pissing down again but alas my Ibiza Excitement is undiminished so I shut the curtains put the decks on full beans and put a few tunes together that I thnk can't fail to raise a smile on your face....maybe even raise your arms in the air in mad abandon :D:D:D

Hope your like it! Tracklisting below :D:D:D:D:D

** please note this mix contains remixes of old tunes that persons of a pretentious disposition may find disturbing **


September House Mix
1. Dirty South & Axwell - Open your Heart
2. ATFC - Praise to the JBs
3. Funkerman - One for Me
4. Jerry Ropero - Organ of Love
5. SIS - Trumpet
6. Patrick Hagenaar & Albrecht - What Would We Do
7. Hoxton Whores - Dawn Rising (Lost In Ibiza 3)
8. Shapeshifters - Chime
9. Tikaro J Louis - Shine On Me (Robbie Rivera Remix)
10. Meck - So Strong (Vandalism Mix)
11. De'Lacey - Hideaway (Cedric Gervais 2008 Vocal Mix)
12. Robbie Rivera - Back to Zero (Juicy Vocal Mix)
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at which point am I supposed to smile?

at the bits where Chime and Hideaway get mutilated?
at which point am I supposed to smile?

at the bits where Chime and Hideaway get mutilated?

If it's not to your tastes why comment? I'm old enough to have gone out and bought the original versions on vinyl and having heard both versions whilst out personally like both. I've seen your arguments on other threads about classics not needing remixing by their definition... but I and I think many others have found alot of enjoyment out of the new versions.... my only disappointment is now that I didn't put the man with the red face on as well just for you Cnut!!!!....another track I have the original of but am not stuck so far up my own arse that I can't appreciate a very good re-working of a great tune!
jez71 - ride on... yet another great mix! (ignore Olly sh1t and his never ending bitterness :twisted:)
Hideaway eh? lol Villalobos always seems to drop that into his sets!!

I'm gonna give this 1 a listen! 8)
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