puff daddy



hi everyone! i was wondering if anybody had heard that song that puff daddy...errr p. diddy...made while in ibiza? i forgot that he even made on till i read today that he was handing out copies at wmc. im curious to see what it sounds like, and whether he should stick to that wannabe rapping of his. :confused:
The song itself is pretty crap, I wouldn't buy it. And the fact that so many people were involved with it including Darren Emerson it should have been a stormer of a track. Puff Daddy, P Diddy, D Paddy or whatever his name is should stick to doing what he does best.... being a **** instead of trying to muscle into something he just doesn't have a clue about.

Did you know when D Paddy went to Ibiza for the first time he was actually shocked that there wasn't a rap club on the island. :lol:
The song isn't total crap... It's all right. But with P Diddy backing it it will be everywhere!!! I think every DJ @ WMC played this song.... from Tenaglia to Paul Van Dyk. So it's hitting every genre. So you all better get used to hearing it even if you don't like it.
Let's Get Up and Let's get ill.....not sure if that is the exact name.
i heard it was called "let's get ill". i tried to download it but couldn't find it. very curious to hear it. im expecting it to suck, and i am probably going to be subjected to it every time i go out. pooh.
I have a copy that's ripped from the essential selection...... I am usually on winmx, try downloading it there or on soulseek. if not let me know and I can send it or somethng
heard it 3 times in two days @ wmc. "HATED IT!" actually it's not that bad. the hook is catchy and thats all p-diddy knows. that and now he likes licking the walls. :eek:

Two snaps in a circle,
But WTF is Kelis doing on there about apart from the occassional moan... Worrying thing is the track kinda' grows on ya. As some above have said, every DJ at the WMC was playing it at some point during the night, so it's not surprising that after so much chinese water-torture, the tune is stuck in my head, and I find myself humming it every now and then. It's definitely one for the typical "Ibiza Summer Compilation" CD á la Ministry, etc. Hopefully the novelty will wear off soon...