'Promised Land'!!!


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Just been listening to a clip on-line.

Very simple sounding song but absolutely love it. Something about the lyrics-just seem to do something to you. Having a few drinks just now-just finished uni exams, so prob a bit tipsy. About to head out. Sitting here with a smile on me face!!!

I know its one of Barbies Favs, but if you havent heard it you can hear a clip at www.htfr.com, and search for 'Promised Land'
Definitely up there in my top 5 tunes ever, absolute classic end of night song. Louie played it on Saturday night and it was one of those 'moments' :D
It reminds me of a wicked night in Sheffield (1998?) called 'Jive Turkey' at the City Hall.

Them nights were on par with what we have now.

Anyone else remember ?