Progressive CD


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Just rustled up a wee mix, constantly builds right up to some banging techno at the end.

Depreche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself (Lexicon Avenue mix)
Sander Kleinenberg - Repeat To Specify
North Atlantic - Lights Out (Lemon 8 mix)
Paul Rogers - Krafty
Ben Camp - Timecrash (Mara mix)
Sc*mfrog - Blindsided
Natious - Thrust 1
Junior Jack - Thrill Me (Kid Creme mix)
Dot Allison - We're Only Science (Slam mix)
Underworld - 3D Dinosaur Adventure
Oxia - Contrast

It's resident in my stereo at the mo 8)
Yeah Bartonious, looks like a wicked mix uv put together there - but have to agree with above - can't think how Junior Jack fits in with the rest (or at least at that point in your mix anyway - saying that, I'm not sure what the Kid Creme mix sounds like... you should bung it somewhere and post the link here so folk can download your set 8)

By the way Bartonious, have you heard that the Vaults up here is opening again - and keeping the same name :) there is a relaunch party with Dave Angel and Funk D'Void - don't know much other details but heard a rumour that Jon Carter is coming back up and also on forthcoming weeks, Dave Seamen, Timo Mass and John 'OO' Fleming are amongst the folk they have lined up to play soon...

Sounds like they are gonna make a proper go of it again - I'm really glad to hear this as I really like the place - lets hope it lasts longer than a few months this time..
Yeah I have heard, I have mates in Aberdeen so I will be making my way up there at some point, definately go for Dave Seaman.

And regarding the programming of my set, tsk tsk! Junior Jack - Thrill Me (Kid Creme mix) is completly different, it's banging tech house, Slam played it at the Rhumba last night and it was f*cking quality! I'm still f*cked! :eek: :lol: