Program about Magaluf last night

Warren D

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Did anyone here see it? It looked horrible. :lol:

A mate wants to see if he can watch a repeat of it. Anyone know what channel it was on?
i saw it the other day, you must have been watching a repeat. it was a surprising expose of young people on holiday drinking too much - a bit like booze britain but in magalluf!
Same old same old, The (Female) worker that got pissed and laid most nights, The idiot that got punched, ended up in hospital, Then said he "felt safer there, than UK on a Sat night, And the standard bunch of lads "on one" taking home a good dose of something the Mrs won`t like much :eek:
Highlight had to be the guy that had "MAGALUF" Tattoo`d across his chest in Inch high letters, He may regret that one in the morning lol

The one noticeable thing was how bad Magaluf is compared to Ibiza, Their "strip" And "biggest" nightclub could not touch even some of our worst offerings (Eden :))

Have a good one
... our worst offerings (Eden :)) ...