Problems signing in


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I couldn't sign on as myself at my new work for some reason. A very bizarre error message came up to.

Anyone know owt'?
Or the thread abused was using the computer at my new work!

Curiouser and curiouser...
hi kitten's head,

what message did you get. i actually upgraded the forum software yesterday morning, but that shouldn't make a difference.

is this the first time you have logged in from work?
Yes it was as I just started a new job today.

It basically was a grey background with loads of random letters and numbers on it. I will see if it happens again tomorrow.
K said:
So, how’s the new job going then?

Fantastic! Really nice bunch but I keep referring to my previous job as though I still work there which doesn't look very good in terms of loyalty. Plus the money is better which is good as I have zero cash at the moment.
kitten's head said:
Plus the money is better which is good as I have zero cash at the moment.

Tell me about it I’m majorly skint just now. My wages are ok but I just cant seem to stop spending more than I’m earning. :rolleyes:
Aaaaah! Still couldn't log in at work today which meant that I had to actually do some work.

The error message I get goes on about debug mode. Can this be sorted? I am still able to go on other message boards with a similar log in process.
what do ya mean? don't tell me you use message boards when you're supposed to be working - thats shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
try logging in now. i changed the debug mode (why it was as it was i do not know :confused: