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Brilliant -- thanks! Just thinking about checking up on my countdown to see how much longer... But the closer we get, the more I'm conscious of how quickly time will fly...
How goes it over there?
bored of work
was away last week in amsterdam, and going again next week. this is all for work and it sucks when i'm away as my hours are 6am till aroun 10pm
counting the days till i can quit (3 months) then the countdown shall begin for ibiza!!
changed my plan to go for 2 months and work instead going for one month to party!!!
June 27 - July 4. I'm not sure that I'll win the coin toss to make it to Manumission again though... ;) What about you?
aug30-sep5.....missed manumission last year but def going this there place to dance ????????
We were there last mid-August. It was rammmmmed. But, we had also staked out a small piece of territory in between two podiums, which sort of acted as crowd control, which was nice. ;) I think for as much as people knock it, they only do so cos they've been there -- I think it's something to experience. Really.
I do remember Manumission being crowded. However there is definitely enough room to dance once the crowd starts to thin out. I would say go to experience it but there are definitely better nights out there.
I agree with Chase, there are better nights, but you have to do Manumission at least once just to experience it.
Looks like they've dispensed with John Kelly's services this year too. Smokin Jo is the rezzy according to the party calender