Privilege Opening Night


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The Privilege Opening night is going to be smack in the middle of a weeks holiday coming up soon . . . . although its on the Calendar there is no info I can glean on what will be going on (at a guess music and mayhem but you get my drift !) or who will be playing.

I have clicked on the attachment for the official website but it seems to be a dead link.

Anyone got any news ??
hi terrier,

most of the clubs open with resident DJs only - it is only Space which has the habit of inviting big names.

off the top of my head i can't tell you who the privilege residents are, except cesar del rio, but rest assured the music will be as good as anywhere on the island - they will also have at least 3 different rooms playing different sounds.

it is one of my favourite opening parties! but a nightmare queue to get in :-(