Privilege & Music On Closing party October 6th

Discussion in 'Ibiza parties and clubs' started by james, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. james

    james Administrator Staff Member

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  2. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Guessing they won’t get the 12pm closing time this time round tho ...
  3. I know it’s still 2018, but will music on potentially be at Privledge next year?
  4. perrylgooner

    perrylgooner Active Member

    No 2019 gossip until after closings I’m afraid - @el_loco was warned earlier this week ;)
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  5. thanks for the warning ☺️
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  6. Arno Fonz

    Arno Fonz Active Member

    Si you think we can expect an extra Time closing? In the morning?
  7. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    we don‘t know yet. in theory no, but maybe the san an town hall softens up for the closings and makes an exception for privi & amnesia closings.
  8. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    elrow closing endin 5am :confused:, if music on end midday ill be there :cool: after E Morillo's set at Pacha n pay at doors :eek:
    il text a mate that go for sure for timetable
  9. craig72

    craig72 Well-Known Member

    Are you on the island Gp?
  10. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    not yet, sept 26th , still 12 days with good sleeping :D
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  11. Arno Fonz

    Arno Fonz Active Member

  12. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    Blimey more Carola & Mbros ... really! :spank:
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  13. Luke_beefa

    Luke_beefa Member

    I will have to agree with this. The Martinez bro’s are at music on this Friday! Strange they are getting booked again for the closing.
  14. aregandj

    aregandj Active Member

    I guess if it sells then why not in there view, but do they have that big a pull at that time of year to fill the whole of Priv?

    Especially when there is also Elrow Closing that night which has been announced for a long time and Ants/Black Coffee
  15. Crawleytown

    Crawleytown Member

    Lazy attempt by Carola at an extra little end of season money spinner. Can see it backfiring.
  16. stivi

    stivi Super Moderator Staff Member

    not really but I understand why people might think that
  17. Luke_beefa

    Luke_beefa Member

    It is lazy I agree but I can still see it being very busy even with Elrow closing on the same night.
  18. Browny

    Browny Well-Known Member

    Sounds total sh!te:)

    Marco F is wiked at least...
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  19. JB2008

    JB2008 Active Member

    I'm no astronomer but at that hour it won't be much of a sunset set for Marco...

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