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Only found a rather poor one in Spanish, didnt they have one in English at some point? :?:
CURIOUS as I WANNA read more, any info someone?
Well Nish, everything pretty much - all about Privelege´s History and the people behind it...also info about the restaurant which I havent succeeded in finding yet.....uhh.....

Robo, the options werent there in english? it said: coming soon.......
Ibiza-girlie said:
Robo, the options werent there in english? it said: coming soon.......

click on the spanish option.

its not all in spanish.

the options are written in english. 'club', 'foum' 'events' etc...
The venue formerly known as Ku is epic in history, size, and structure. It originally opened in 1978, building from being a restaurant and small sister venue to another Ku on the mainland, into one of Ibiza's most unbelievable club venues. 80s excess reached its height here as the party ethos of the preceding decade was taken to its extreme. The venue was frequented by a morass of internationally renowned musical firgures, including James Brown, Freddie Mercury and Grace Jones, whose antics have all since passed into clubland legend. Though Manumission did not arrive until 1995, the club, with its wildly hedonistic repuation, flamboyant decor, and lavishly risque stage shows, summed up the venue's progression into the next decade. Similarly Renaissance Live carried on the venue's live tradition by booking the biggest dance acts in the world. Renamed Privilege in 1995, the venue's interior is as famed as its club nights, ecompassing a huge main room complete with foliage and an DJ booth overhanging a swimming pool, outdoor bars, a chill out dome, and second room with a glass dome

Ill have a look round for the restaurant info after. X
great stuff, think i caught that somewhere today on the net btw! yeah if you do come across some restaurant info, please let me know!