Privilège and amnesia


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People say me that party at privilège(especially at privilège) and amnesia are not as funny as the past this true or what :?:


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Honestly, it's best to check it out for yourself:

Privilege ~ Monday nights - Manumission
Amnesia ~ Thursday nights - Cream


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HAHAHA!! No way, you´re in the cool gang, Nish hehe!
Naaah more the lager beer types who were smashing into eachother all nite, making movement almost mission:impossible!


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Thanx! ;)

Ye, I dont mind the occasional person bumping into me, but the same group of beer boys who insist on constantly boshing into everyone is warrant enough for a slap!

S Express

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Get to La Troya Asesina on Wednesday at other night at Amnesia compares.

Musically Cream is good (although Tiesto and PVD aren't really my cup of tea) but the entire atmos at La Troya is superior.......if you want an authentic bit of Ibizan clubbing - you know where to go.

Andy Holmes

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Ibiza-girlie said:
Slinky was great fun on Fridays and Amnesia was mindblowing, just too many brits imo.-

if there weren't so many brits there the island wouldn;t be as bouncing would it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

agree about beer boys tho - i enjoy a good drink but.......... it gets god damn annoyign at cream when all the dickheads have taken their shirts off and are bouncing around into you without a care in the world - no appologies for knocking into you or anything..........................