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Hi all - I'm new to the forum although I have used the site quite a bit.

Just wanted some advice. I went to Ibiza in 2004 and had an amazing time- so I am back this year. I am pretty keen on seeing Tiesto on Monday 29th June at Privelege and am pretty sure its confirmed for this year. I have seen some tickets available on Privelege's own website (although through a third party company) and was wondering whether anyone reckoned it was worth buying. They are described as 'anti-crisis tickets' and available until 30th April - at 39 euros. I guess they are selling cheap as its early. I think this is a goer - what does anyone else think about price etc/ whether its a good idea.

Thanks a lot!:)
We bought our tickets before we went over, had a confirmation text and print out tickets. When we got to Priv theres a seperate queue for those already with tickets and you get straight in - just show ur tickets to a lass on a computer and you're good to go - looked like we avoided loads of queues

I think I am going to buy those tickets too. I got an email from the privilege site on facebook saying that they were on sale, so I am as confident as I can be that they are genuine!

Cant wait!

Thanks a lot guys for the info. I was a bit worried about having the ticket at a text - but as they send you a ticket to print out too, that is great.

Definitely will buy that asap - just wish the pound would improve!
tiesto will be on sale in this site either today or tomorrow - i'll be posting announcements as soon as available.
Hi James,

Thanks for the info - do you know whether you will also be selling at 39Euros?

I would prefer to buy here if possible.
Tiesto V Sweden?!

Would be nice to see Theis in Ibiza as I have seen him perform in Miami, Atlanta and Cream Liverpool, but the SHM give you a 100% performance and will give you ALL the HOUSE you can take. I am struggling between who to enjoy Monday? Any House Music lovers have any suggestions to my nice problem???? Love it!
mondays at pacha are like tuesday are like wednesdays are like thursdays are like fridays.......

tiesto is a one off.
A bit unfair on Pacha...but having been to subliminal, fmif, and defected opening parties early this month aswell as tiesto i d have to recommend tiesto to anyone as the outstanding night.

Tiesto has really made Privledge great again - a club that had recently become a disappointment - but a great rush at its best. Plus you can only experience that once a week whereas the point i think grego was trying to make is that through no fault of its own pacha is the one club that you can go to any night of the week and have a great night (but not necessarilly the same night, we all have our faves!) :)

Would love to try the swedes at some point but with cocoon/tiesto for competition i m gonna find it hard to take the plunge
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