Pressure @ The Arches


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How good? :D :D :D

I got there for 10pm right on the dot and the place closed at 5am but the night was over in a flash! :eek:

Silicon Soul warmed up nicely for Groove Armada to come on. Armada had the place rocking, the house arch was packed and absolutly roasting! The place went suitibly mental when Armada dropped Superstylin'! :D

After that, went to see Slam who were playing the usual tech house grooves, caught the end of their set, last tune was Envoy - Nightmoves; quality track! 8)

Laurent Garnier came on after that and I thought he played a well good set, didn't stop dancing to him all night! It's all quite hazy at this point though so can't remember much tunes although Crispy Bacon, Man With The Red Face and Blue Monday were all played I think! :p

Then about 4.20am I realised I hadn't seen Adam Beyer (legend) yet so ventured through to the play room for the last 40 minutes of him and he was absolutly brilliant! He is total genious behind the decks, he never had his hands off either the mixer or the 3 decks he was mixing with! Really wish I saw more of him now! :cry:

Great night, my first Pressure and I'll definately be back! Really friendly crowd I thought, quality. I'll no doubt be there for Carl Craig in January! ;)

Oh, and here's a picture from the Playroom where Adam Beyer was DJing at the end:


Look for the guy at the front with the white t-shirt and red cross, behind him is a guy with a red t-shirt then behind to the right is me and behind to the left of the guy with the red t-shirt is one of my mates! Look a that chin action! :lol: :lol: :lol:
It was such a good night! Beyer was incredible.

I think I'm still recovering from it all though.
Hmmm, possibly was!

That picture is class. Absolutely wet myself at it when it was posted on the slam board. The guy's expression says it all, really!