Presenting I.D. with club tickets


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I purchased club tickets from Ibiza Spotlight and it says - "Take the printed ticket to the guestlist entrance of the club along with the credit card you used to buy the tickets and a photo ID card." Is this necessary as I have never in the past had to present my card or I.D and I would not feel safe bringing both into the nightclubs. I'm 33 years old. Is the I.D. requirement specifically for teenagers who may not appear to look 18 or over? I also purchased the tickets with paypal this time. Does this rule out the credit card requirement as well? Can I just present the entrance ticket with the barcode?

Cheers for any advice.


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Got asked once in Space. Long story short, there had been some swapping about of tickets. Anyway, it seemed any old random credit card was sufficient. The one we showed, wasn’t the one the ticket was purchased with.


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I feel safer in the knowledge that I have cash in one pocket, holiday Halifax Clarity and driving licence in the other. It’s standard procedure for me.
Why your bothered about them with you?
At least they can ID you if you collapse and die.

You just need ID with paypals afaicr

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If you are on guestlist you will need I.D
If you are in a group under guestlist one I.D for the group should be enough but I would advise all in group bring I.D

If you are on a stand entry tickets you don't require anything other than your soul - including spotlight purchased tickets