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7 days to go.. I've got my ..

5-htp -- helps with lack of sleep
St. Johns wort -- helps with lack of sleep and depression
Vit C -- energy boost and great anti-oxidant
CoQ10 -- co-enzyme needed to produce energy in your bodies cells.
and normal average everyday multivitamin

+ taking milk thistle currenly to de-tox my liver so that i can re-tox it next week!!
consider also (if you have or can get these things within the next week):


Also St Johns Wort makes your skin react badly to sunlight

A friend of mine got REALLY badly burnt last year at Bora Bora because he took it.

As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing better than getting sleep and food. There's no substitute!

By all means, use a pick-me-up if you want, but please don't just pump yourselves full of even more chemicals to counteract the original one!?!

And yes, there was evidence that St John's Wort can cause slight sensitivity to sunlight, however, this is not conclusive. Whether this causes people to burn, or it's just down to falling asleep, through the middle of the day, without a decent factor cream on, we'll never know!

On a side note, the evidence of St John's Wort is that it can help relieve moderate depression. Howver, it can take up to 6 weeks to build up in your system before you should feel any effect.

5-HTP is a more instantaneous reaction.

As far as the day after, in Ibiza, I really recommend coming home, getting down the beach nice and early with some music and a drink or 2, stay 'til 11am ish, and then go get some sleep inside through the heat of the day. The sun seems to help you recovery, and you sleep much better later on. Then you can get back to the beach at 3-3.30, just in time to see all the burn't people thinking about going back inside!!! ;)