Preordering tickets..(yes, again..)


To me there seems to be no advantge in getting pre-paid tickets. There are plenty of tickets available from bars and shops, and the clubs can hold thousands upon thousands of people.

tickets can cost anything from 20 euros to 50 euros on the door.

i have never known a club night to 'sell-out'

its up to when you get 'smashed' but the cheapest booze can be found in the supermarkets and san antonio.
Theres a guy nr the delfin in ibiza town who runs a shop and he has touters dragging you in to buy club tickets he is quite cheap and you can haggle with him.
he only has them on the night or the day b4.
If you walk up the front of the port area where the bars area ur bound to get stopped by someone who will show you a bit of straggly paper with prices written on, follow them to the shop and do a bit of bartering with him. There is a girl nr Coastline and a guy nr mambo that sell them but they are more expensive. Plus about 100 shops have them too and some are cheaper than others. We were going to buy tickets for Pacha for 20 euro's each for ministry from the guy nr delfin but ended up getting in for free.