So, back from Ibiza and the endorphins are slowly starting to come back after a hard week of the blues. But now am in quite the predicament. Am really wanting to go see Wally Lopez on 3/10 at London Pacha after a brilliant session at Space last Thursday, but best mate/flatmate who I went over with is 'over it' :eek: - friends who would be up for it are going to Portugal that weekend and other friends just not into any kind of dance music.

Do I:

See if anyone on the forums is going and wouldn't mind hooking up with a complete stranger?
Send one of those texts to the London Lite hoping to hook up with someone (oh dear)
Go solo (!) - a 29 year old girl going solo? Has anyone else done this?

Oh dear, what to do...?!
Lara you're a sweetheart. Have a fantastic time! What do you know, met a great gal last night who is up for it...but you're right, Pacha IS still closed. Boo - want to see Wally!