Power Boat Hire


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Is there anywhere on the island we can hire a 14-20ft power boat? At home we get out on a local loch and ski etc whenever the weather is decent. It seems a shame to be in Ibiza with 7 days of hot sunshine and not take advantage!!
Thanks. I should have said I had a look at them but they seem to be more for hire including a skipper whereas we'd be looking for a boat only.
not sure if you can do that.insurance.could always get a pedlow and a super human to drive it for you.(joke).with you not knowing the waters around ibiza that might be why you cannot hire one and drive it.mine you if you see peter stringfellow he might lend you his.
Yeah I suppose there are risks around the water to be considered. I know you can do this in some places abroad. I guess we'll have to stick with the jetskis. Anyone know how to ask (in spanish) to be allowed to ride the ski on the normal key (rather than the learner key which restricts your revs)?
You can hire skipper-less boats in most of the harbors, But you will need a license and a hefty deposit, as far as I remember your are looking at €450 + for hire + fuel, plus a deposite of minimum €1000, Not sure if you would get any ski/board equipment with that (would not think so)
There are a fair few on the Island offering days out in the sort of boat you are looking for, most provide all the equipment and are around the same $400 + fuel ish (the legit ones, there are cheaper non legit, about $200 + fuel) You basically get to do exactly what you want with no worries of the coast (there are some nasty hidden rocks all around) It will be somewhere around an 18 ft boat and I would recommenced it as one of the best things you can do here,
have a good one