Post Club activities??

Jet Set Willie

New Member
Hi, I know that afters clubbing is a thing of the past on the island. However, like many, me and my merry band are never quite ready to call it a day when a club shuts.

I imagaine that many on here are the same.

What is there available party-wise if anything when the clubs close. I read on here something about morning parties at Sands. Are these still going. Any info at all either public or by PM would be appreciated.

Oh, forgot to say. Heading over 30 August til 9 September and planning to hit up:

We Love Sundays
2 Many DJs Eden
Zoo Project Closing
Maybe Carl Cox (finances allowing)
Post club activities usually, for me, involve either a fumble with a woman or a fumble with myself.

It's usually the later.

Hope this helps.