port des torront? (please excuse the spelling)


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Hi all

Finally managed to get back to Ibiza this year... But have never been to Port des Torront? We are staying at the Sirenis Seaview Country club hotel half board the last week in May 09. Been to Tres Carrabellas which is a sirenis and really enjoyed it.

Does anyone have any pics of the beach? and or any reviews of the hotel or the area. We have stayed in San An bay twice but not ventured this way on. How far is the walk? etc.

Any info would be much appreciated.

your right at the end of the bay.bit of a walk to main road.i do know they used to lay a bus on?.

click on map on right box.give you a idea how far things are.but if you have stayed in that area before you should know.


do you know if there is a mirowave in Tres Carrabellas.and what is the food like.had a quick look last year.well guided tour really.but did not see a mirowave in eating area.
Thanks for the link..

There was a microwave there last year (early june) but next to the maid cleaning up bit. I think you could ask though as the staff are very very helpful.
good glad there is i like my food nice and hot.say did you ever see a guy singing when you was there.richard his name was but nicknamed