Population Increase


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The population of Ibiza has shot up again in 2008. Now, around 133,000 people live on Ibiza (124,000) and Formentera (9,000) – increases of 6% and 8% respectively. This is much higher than the natural rate of population rise, given by the difference in births and deaths, and can be accounted for by the amount of immigrants choosing to live here.

Within Ibiza itself, roughly 47,000 live in Ibiza;30,000 in Santa Eulalia; 21,000 in San Antonio; 21,000 in San Jose; and 5,000 in San Juan.

One of the more curious aspects of the statistics is the male:female ratio which is dramatically skewed in favour of the desperate housewives on the island. There are 64,000 men for the 60,000 women in Ibiza – an 8% difference which is a result of many single men arriving from Morocco and Ecuador to do manual labour here.
I just heard today though that a great may immigrants have left the island during the last few months because of the decline in the construction industry.

apparently they haven't gone home (many are south americans) but rather have moved to the mainland to look for work there - which will be just as hard, because the construction industry in the mainland is suffering too.