Podcasts (help)


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I need to know ALL the podcasts that serve festie goers and clubbers please!

Not just dance music either...

To start you off:

1. Resident advisor
2. Ibiza Voice
3. Fabric

Christ there must be loooooads.

I listen to Release Yourself podcast with Mr Sanchez

Sometimes Ali Warms too which is ok, bit mish mash at times, bit different.

DJ History.com which I reckon you will like.

Learn to speak Spanish and coffee break Spanish
For free on itunes (weekly):

Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond
Tiesto Club Life
A State of Trance Official Podcast (Armin Van Buuren)
Radio 538: Dance Department

I depend on these to get me going at the gym! :lol:
It's not for me, it's for work so I need all the mainstream ones with loads of listeners as well as a few niche ones for music snobs.

Thanks all!
sorry to (potentially) do your job for you, but isn't there some data/stats you can get on podcasts, like most listeners, downloads, subscribers.

and doesn't itunes categorise by most popular, which can be then further categorised into all sorts of genres/areas.

I expect so - Google is a wonderful thing also...but it's useful to get all the niche ones.

Please don't apologise for doing my job for me! :lol: