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Summer Jobs and Working in Ibiza

What kind of jobs are available?
Summer work here can involve any number of activities. Although do bear in mind, that it is almost impossible to find first time work on Ibiza without being on the island. Which means you have to fly down here to look personally!

Waiting tables and working in bars is probably the most popular. Over 4 million tourists are expected this year, and the huge number of restaurants, bars, cafés and nightclubs ensure a very high turn over of staff in these industries. Unless you apply to a Hotel Chain or know of somebody with a bar or restaurant, it is very difficult to apply for this sort of job before the summer has started.

PR work for the discos and clubs.
Ibiza and Party go hand in hand. Public relations work for the clubs and bars is a very important means of advertising the coming nights out. You will need stamina for this job ;-)

2002 Update: Due to restrictions on the handing out of tickets and flyers for the clubs, there are much fewer of these type of jobs available.

Sports and the beach.
There are many surf and sailing schools on the island, as well as Diving centres, Waterskiing, Jet skiing. Remember, in order to work as an instructor, you will need the appropriate qualifications.

Hotel Reception.
One of the few jobs here which you can apply for before the summer starts, especially if you apply to one of the hotel chains. Many of the smaller hotels, apartments and clubs will take people on in the early summer months of May and June. Once again, the appropriate qualifications or experience are preferred (not forgetting any language skills too).

When should I start looking?
Obviously it depends upon the type of work and the company involved.

Waiting tables and working in bars.
Most bars and restaurants start hiring at the beginning of the summer (early May to early June). Our advice is to fly out to Ibiza at the end of april with a bit of money for the first few weeks, and to go around the establishments asking for work. Even if you do not find a job straight away, there is a very high turnover in this industry, so do not despair. Keep asking around. Again, like in most countries, if you look hard enough there are almost always jobs to be found. Good luck!

PR for the discos and clubs.
The party season starts at the beginning of June. make sure you are here at this time. Go to each of the clubs and bars and ask them personally. You should be outgoing, young and (single? ;-)

Sports and the beach.
A bit trickier to find work in these areas. You should be out here at the end of April, beginning of May, and be prepared to ask around. Many of the hotels and clubs have their own windsurf schools. In this case you might like to apply to these directly before the season has started. Sometimes you will be involved in the Hotel Animation Programme as well, involving shows and entertainment at nights. Our Hotel Guide has the numbers of almost all the hotels on Ibiza. Have a look on our maps to find out which resorts and hotels are on or near a beach, and phone them up. you may get lucky.

Hotel Reception.
Once again it is quite difficult to find work as a hotel receptionist. Many of the larger hotels have their own reception staff who come again year after year. Our advice is to phone them up in March and April, to ask if there are any vacant positions. even if you are not lucky first time around, there is a high turnover of staff in the hotel industry, so you might like to fly down here in May and ask the hotels personally.

What qualifications will I need?
With so many tourists here on the island, it is possible to find work without speaking a word of Spanish!! We would recommend however learning a bit of Spanish before you come.

If you are determined to work here next summer, why don't you take a few Spanish lessons, or join a course for a few weeks. A little bit of Spanish goes a very long way.

Personal qualities.
Work here in summer is as hard as it is rewarding. A six day week is the norm, and many bar staff have to work 7 evenings a week. Accommodation is often shared, and the comforts of home, such as television and air-conditioning, are rare.

Remember though, you will be working in Ibiza. The sun is shining, everyone is here to have fun, so the atmosphere is amazing, the beach is just around the corner, and you will probably have free tickets for most of the discos. The fringe benefits can not be ignored!!

Skills and Qualifications.
As mentioned before, specialist jobs require specialist qualifications. Experience is also preferred for bar and restaurant work.

How much can I earn?
The average summer wage is probably between 800 Euros (net) and 1000 Euros (net) per month. Currency Conversion

The fringe benefits of working in Ibiza can be excellent.

Many employers will provide accommodation.
Free passes for the discos are easy to come by if you work here.
The quality of life here can not be bettered in Europe. There is a wonderful care-free atmosphere on the island, and almost everyone I know who has worked a season here comes back for a second, and a third....

Papers, permits and contracts
It is important to have a work contract, which in turn ensures you have a medical insurance.

If the contract lasts for longer than 3 months, you are obliged to have a Residencia - a permit to live and work here. Most employers will arrange this for you.

The Residencia enables you to live in Ibiza for a period equal to or longer than 3 months. If you plan to come here for less time, you will not need one.

Most employers will be able to help you apply for the Residencia. If you are on your own, here is a list of what you need:

* 2 photocopies of your Passport or I.D. card.
* 3 passport-sized photographs.
* A valid work contract, the original and a photocopy.
* An accommodation contract/lease, the original and a photocopy.
* Patience, you will have to go to the Police station near to Mcdonalds in Ibiza Town, and then wait your turn. Best to turn up at 08.00 in the morning on weekdays.

So, start your planning, brush up on those Spanish phrases and hopefully we shall see each other here in summer

Further Reading
The employment of British Citizens in Spain - An interview with British Vice Consul Helen Watson. April 2002.
How to apply for a residents permit and other useful tips - An article from the Ibiza Sun. 2001.
European Community online - The complete lowdown on working, living, travelling, citizen's rights, etc in Spain. This is an invaluable resource.


Anyone who wishes to add to this feel free, but PLEASE no questions here - use a new post for that. We welcome any firsthand experiences or help for people of non-EU countries.
hi james,re the summer jobs and working in ibiza, thanks for a very good information site, kenny :D
Summer Job

Hi James. :)

Thanks for the useful post.
Next to being a counseling psychologist & personal trainer, I'm a musician/DJ specializing in 'Sunset Lounge' - Cafe del Mar type music. I play live flute, piano/keys or didg with it. I'd like to stay in the San Antonio bay for the summer.

Happen to know anyone I should talk to about finding some work in these areas?



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