PLEASE HELP ME!!! New Club Listings for 2003



Where can I find a listing of whos spinning at clubs and when for 2003, I DESPRETLY NEED TO COME TO IBIZA, HELP ME. I have just inherited a substantial amount of cash and I decided I want to take a giant vacation, and IBIZA seems the place to go. Any info on where to start?????, PLESE HELP

the club lisitings will not be out untill apil/may next year, so i'm afriad you'll just have to sit tight and wait, like the rest of us.
However i'm sure though whenever you go there will be dj's there that you like....
We all I am sure would love to get the listings now, but we just have to wait until may or so. I am sure there will be DJ"s that you like when you go. When I went, almost all of my favorites were on the island and I was only there for 2 weeks. Good luck and I hope you enjoy Ibiza as much as I do.
rest assured, it will mainly be the same old (and i mean old) faces playing the same old choons, just in a slightly different order/tempo
couldn't have put it better myself rusty ;)

in all seriousness g2integra there have been only minimal differences to the line ups over the last 3 years. simply adjust this year's calendar for next year's date (well not exactly, but you get my drift)
Dont worry! I´m sure the club listing will please you!
There is no way you dont enjoy IBIZA!
If you really need help for your Ibiza trip, I know my way around and would be willing to help you spend your cash.
Just hire a large villa just outside Ibiza town, sort my flights and let me know when!!!!
My party piece, which I am willing to show you, is how to transform from a respectable human being at 7pm Monday, into a dribbling vegetable by 4pm Tuesday. See ya there!!!!!!!!!!! :D :lol: 8)
mate thats quite an offer. if only everyone was as nice as you then the world would be a better place..........or well atleast everone would be completely wrecked 24/
id certainly take you up on that offer if i had the money purely to see that party trick of yours. i have one very similar. we could join forces and make the best party trick just lie there completely funked. lol
Hey, I do my best.........not too sure about the double act thing though, I'd need you to keep within touching distance of sanity to peel me up off Bora Bora floor, and quite frankly, you sound like you'd be right there next to me!!!!!! :eek: ;) :D