Please help me find this tune


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Heard this one on coastline and cafe del mar in mid july, it begins with a male voice smthing like " it began in africa" the male voice keeps on talkin for a minute or two, then he ends with "they called it house", then a soft house beat drops in, please anyone??
no that's not the tune i'm looking for, I think it's kind of a chill house tune, but hey maybe i was to s****d at the moment :eek:
I think the guy in the song talks something about "they hade the drums and they hade the ?", ends with "and they called it house"
There's some sort of hodgepodge going around with Chemical Brothers' "It began in afrika" and something else. I'm not sure if it's actually been released or if it's some bootleg thing.

Apologies, as I'm thinking that was completely uninformative. ;)