Please Help me find a song!


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Spotlighters please help! I heard a tune the other day which had the music to 'Sweet Home Alabama' but the guy was singing about a wolf and howling a lot! I think it was probably from the 80's. Does anyone know the name of this?
not watched the you tube - but assume you mean THE No 1 in the Top 40 charts for the UK the other week - Kid Rock?? :oops::oops::oops::oops:

............. and then she looks at the YouTube and realises its not..... PMSL
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As much as I think Christian O'Connell should be cracked in the eye by a burly man with a pick-axe handle, he's been playing a very good mash-up version of this on his Virgin Radio breakfast show that includes Warren Zevon's vocals.

To spare you having to listen to hours of his annoying babble, I think this is it: