Please have a listen if u can....its nutty and people luv it


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I posted this earlier toady but just found out that you wouldnt have been able to access it...doh :oops: you can :p :p

Right here goes.........Im new to music production and heres 2 of my efforts from this year.

One of them is a right knees up job and the other is completely mad.

I wrote ure 'avin a laugh in 5 mins after I got the hump with trying to find something to go on top of a tune I wrote and everyone is luvin it as a laugh type tune.............

If u have nights out in London then this is the tunage for you........
Cheers dude.......If u get the time have a listen to the ure avin a laugh tune.......

aww i couldnt stand 'u're havin a larf' but thats cos i really despise that sorta cockney talkin over dancy stuff so nowt to do with ur production.

the 2nd one was ok though but it got a bit repetitive. It sounds to me like ur using loops? If you are then try and get hold of a copy of recycle. You can do loads of nice edits to loops. Good stuff for only producin for a short time though. What app are u using?
that dancey one I played in a riff over the top of some looped bassline n beats but im gonna go back to it when ive learned a few more tricks n stuff.

I tend to try and write my own stuff rather that use samples. I used reason for the avin a larf tune and acid pro with midi for the other one.

How would a get more flow to it using recycle.......havents really looked at that yet??.

Any help would be great