playadenbossa OUT OF CONTROL !!!



people are parking till the very end (palace palladium) to go to ushuia .

THE BASS IS AMAZING!- you can hear it everywhere ...

now going to blue marlin ... 50 entrance with one drink or minimum table 70/person
It was the same 18th aug,Luciano's 2nd date there this season (I think)you could'nt park a skateboard anywhere in the area,totally rammed,obvious reasons why !
Great day + night 8) the side entrance worked for me.....

The next week was a lot quieter...
thinking about luciano's party last night i could cry ...

... because it was SUCH AN AMAZING PARTY ...

beautiful special people there,
hypnotizing sound .. 95% of the tracks i didn't know/never heard before ..
but you just couldn't leave ... we only wanted to stay 30 min,
but after chaging clothes for bluemarlin
went back to ush and gave our table in blue marlin to some friends because ushuiai was ssssssooooooooooooooo goood!
(with reservation and minimum consumption of 70 euro/person blue marlin
was free, without 50 euros including one drink) ...
but i nearly broke one foot ours ago there, because i slipped with my flipflop
on one of that ****ing pebbles at blue marlins "pebble"beach ..

who was the other dj with luciano in the blooth ??
what was the name of that atombomb (older track) he dropped at 00.30 ??
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hi icey,

i was there for a bit in the evening. i really liked what they'd done moving the booth outside and making it a proper beach party.

you could just rock up with your own drinks, etc, etc straight from the beach. i loved how people had congregated on the hill next to the beach to get a better view.

luciano was playing b2b with marco carola all the time i was there. reboot was knocking about too.

i wasn't so keen on the music to be honest, it was a bit too ethereal and lacking groove for me to get really into it. perfect for all those who'd kept going from amnesia closing tho.
the bomb he dropped at 0:30 was "the age of love". a really great moment. otherwise, i'm more on grego's side of opinions, the party was really cool and also all the people etc, but musically, i didn't think it was top notch. (but yeah, it's hard to keep up after amnesia closing which was mindblowing again)
Hey guys.....havent posted on here in a year or so but just got back last night and though Ushuai was amazing. Luciano killed it. Agree that his set at amnesia was probs a bit better but still thought the music at Ushuai was awesome.

Couldnt really tell who out of marco corola and Luciano was playing what but enjoyed it! Thought the crowd was nice as well. v. friendly and met quite a few people. Got there at 7 as needed a cple of hours to chill after amnesia and left at 11 to go to the airport and nearly decided to sod my flight.