Playa sol II



Hi everyone,

I am going to Ibiza on the 22nd of June for two weeks. My husband and I are house music fanatics. In order to be able to party on 10-11 nights out of our 14 day-stay, my husband has booked a cheap accomodation. However, I can cancel it (we paid for two nights only and we'll pay in full after getting our Visas from the Spanish embassy).
My husband, who is an Ibiza regular, told me that Paya sol has great advantages. It's close to Ibiza Town, Pacha, Space(in Playa D'en Bossa) and it's not far from Bora Bora.
Please tell me if this is true!! and how far from Bora Bora is Playa Sol II?

Thank You.
I couldn't find any info on these apprtments anywhere. even this web does not mention any details on it. :eek:
I stayed there last year!
The accomodation is very nice.
Self catering with a kitchen/dining room, balcony, bathroom and bedroom.
The area isn't as nice as it could be. It's on the cusp of playa d'en bossa and figueretas. The coastal side is really nice but behind, there are loads of dodgy eateries, gift shops, drinking holes and wierd looking families walking around. Head for the bay of Figueretas and Ibiza town for a bit of class and towards Playa d'en Bossa for a bit of craziness (Space, Bora Bora etc).
Bora bora is a fair trek but there is an advantage to being directly in between Ibiza Town and Space. It makes getting to town in the evenings much easier and saves a fortune on taxi fayres.
Have a nice time! We may even bump into you because I'm staying nearby from the 2nd - 16th July.
how far from Bora Bora?

Thank you Robder. "Ibiza town for a bit of class and towards Playa d'en Bossa for a bit of craziness (Space, Bora Bora etc"
Can you tell me please, how far it is from Bora Bora. :?:

would you be good enough to explain what is good about a twenty minute walk?
stephen, I've just been looking at your site. Did you manage to finish all that paella yourself? If so you would need at least a 20min walk
i need to finish that site before i go walking anywhere.

as my wife says, walking, like public transport, is for losers. (unless of course it's round selfridges looking for a new bra!)

god bless her, she's in inglaterra now until june.
That's quite a long time to be apart. Just as well you are not a big time caner then (if you know what that is) :D :confused: :eek: :cry:
That's about the area, we love Playa Soll II apartments!! And it's not because we are cheapskates!!

You'll have a great time!!!!

WeLuvIbiza, can't thank you enough.
I think that, may be, i should give my man some credit ;)
it does matter really where u stay as long as u are in ibiza