Play2 Lineups?



Anyone know the agenda for the nights at Play2? All i can remember was that it was R & B on a sunday! I want to go to the Ratpack, Slipmatt night next time im out there but cant remember which night it was!
Just found out - the Slipmatt/ratpack/Altern8 night is on the monday & have just secured a gig for Rascal & Ikon there so am well happy today!
Sarah - You know if there will be HH on at play 2 (apart from when Andy Whitby, etc are there) n what nights?


Both wednesdays - we are going to be banging it out proper style - HH, HardTrance, Hardcore, Nu NRG & Gabba!
was the only night we could get it! Im sure there will be enough HH lovers out there to go around!
massive isle of wight dj "nikteazer" will bve spinning the decks on 23rd August, playing bouncy house and trance, DONT MISS IT!!! she s wicked!!! :D :D :D