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plastik in san antonio is open during the winter on fridays and saturdays!! :D


This year, a venue has opened that you would be more likely to find in the West End of
London than the West End of San Antonio. Plastik is a trendy new bar just next to May
department store close to the bustling KFC/Mega Music junction.

By day its function as a trendy record shop and internet café with state-of-the-art
recording studio, has made it a meeting point for workers and holidaymakers alike. By
night though, it becomes a bar, along the lines of the club/bar hybrids springing up in
most UK cities. Partner and Is Harry on the Boat? author Colin Butts hopes it will help
to eventually improve the West End's image.

'The West End has had a bad rep for so many years and we want to help change that.
I genuinely believe this could be the start of a major shake up. If other bar owners see
we're doing well and that there's a demand in the West End for a more upmarket bar,
then I'm sure they'll follow suit. This is what's required for the West End to truly change -
economic reasons as well as political ones

'We're an alternative to having to go to Ibiza Town or the Sunset Strip to find a bar
where you can listen to good music, at a reasonable level and in a nice environment,'
adds partner Andy Matthews. 'Our prices are the same as other West End bars but it's
not the kind of place to come in and sing football songs or wander round with your
shirt off. We steer that kind of customer to other places. As such, girls seem to love it
here because they don't get hassled. Even the girls from Secret Garden pop in and
we've not yet had a chorus of 'get your tits out'…where else in the West End could that

Given that the new Mayor has already expressed a desire to stop bar crawls and two
for one drinks offers, it seems as though Plastik are certainly in line with government
their winter sessions start at 9pm until late with djs alex ellenger and dermot c :!:

it will also be open on 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 31st of december :!:


(the old plastic fantastic - now plastik)