places for kids to go


cheryl pearson

i know the idea of coming to ibiza is without the kids when we talk about clubbing ect, but sometimes that is difficult when you do have kids. this year there are 16 of us coming to ibiza 8 of them are kids the benefits however is that the 8 adults going can have the best of both they can enjoy time on the beach with the kids and take it in turns to babysit whilst others are out clubbing. what i want to know is are there any places that i can take the kids which have either family entertainment and are there any sort of disco type places for the kids to enjoy as well. i wrote a topic not long ago but think people got the wrong idea about what i was saying the kids love music and dancing surely there must be some places that do cater for kids by doing disco's and stuff early evening
stephen said:
most hotels which provide entertainment have a kids section early on.
Do you actually have to be accommadated at the hotels to join in with there entertainment or do they just let you walk in off the streets