Hello everybody, well I'm new on this forum but i not quit a newby in Ibiza (this year's my 4 time) and i just want to know if anybody knows something about this new club (Pinup) @ Playa den Bossa. Could somebody explain me where this club is exactly...maybe there is already a message somewhere here but i haven't found it....


Ibiza 14/08/2003-21/08/2003
Fiesta Club Playa den Bossa
It's on Playa den Bossa Road, if you're coming from Space just keep walking towards Figuretas and you can't miss it. It used to be old Konga club.
It's owned by whoever owns Base bar in Ibiza town isn't it? :confused:
gecko2 said:
It's owned by whoever owns Base bar in Ibiza town isn't it? :confused:

No I don't think so, Jason who owns Base Bar also owns Es Vive hotel but I didn't think he owned Pin-Up as well.
yes yes yes..... :lol:

I don't know let's ask the guy, I'll email him. ;)
the guy who started and owned pin-up last year is called angel (an ex-manager of privilege). not sure if he still owns pin-up this year :!:

:lol: --->

This is what Jason from the Base Bar told me:-

actually i do not own pin up!
pin up is owned by 4 people.max who is my partner in the hotel es vive and the rest are all partners in danzatoria in barcelona.
rafa the mainman from danzatoria saw konga and turned it into pin-up and then bought the others in a bit later.
they should have a wicked summer with a good line-up of events and partys including garlands and soul heaven.

news for those intrested is ....we have moved base bar to the best bar in ibiza port,about 20 meters past the old base bar.it4s amazing...sofa4s comfy chairs the lot...your gonna love it!
we are also building a new bar in the hotel.this is in association with smirnoff and it4s going to be the best designed bar in the balearics,proper smooth!

hope that helps...all the best jason

That's that cleared up. ;)
i know one of the owners. he's called steve gibson, genuinely nice guy. he did a wicked job last year of launching pin-up. check out monday evenings in association with IZIT dance. there line-ups look good, they already have murray richardson (20:20 vision and very good DJ), stuart patterson and dave congreave (the bomb, nottingham).

at last a decent house/tech house night in ibiza!
daltvila said:
LOL, MacRackin, that's Gustavo and Paulo from Dôme on that pic! Super :p . When did you shoot it?

Heyyyy You know Gustavo and Paolo? Did you went to Gustavo Birthday Party last year??? It was crazy!!

By the way Mc... perfect photo!!!
is it a fun club? what day/nights are the best to go?

Last year went Mondays after DC10 so assuming will be heading down there this year to join my fellow casualites after Space/DC10 :eek:

This year they have got Garlands on Tues and Soul Heaven on Weds :D
Pin-up will be open on a Sunday night, inside only probably. Somewhere to go for a few hours after the Terrace closes at Space. Expect funky disco. My mate Steve is gonna run it
Iva, things are now starting to get realy interesting :) we pre-celebrated Gus' b-day at Dôme on his real b-day but had to miss out on the party as it was Sept. 15th and we left 2 days before. Spent the week around New Year's Eve with the guys in Barcelona though and another one in March. You said you like Scandal so we most probably must know or at least have seen each other. BTW do you also know Chiqui?