Pin up?



I've been hearing a bit about this Pin Up club in playa den bossa and the Zenith night on fridays looks qiute tasty. Any info on this please: how much to get in, music policy, atmosphere etc. Cheers gang!! 8)
Pin Up only opened at the end of last season so it's a bit of a mystery.

I went last September and loved it. It is a smallish venue and probably holds about 800 (small when compared to the others!). Certainly Soul Heaven is only 20 euros to get into which is a bit of a bargain and the drinks prices were fairly reasonable last time.

A fantastic underground club which is not to be missed!
I went to the opening on Thursday & I reckon this club is going to be big this summer, huge terrace, beware very hot even this time of year. There's alson underground club after the terrace is closed. Music policy couldn't really tell you as it was just the opening of the whole club in general and not a particular night. They played quite a few classics in the terrace, got bit harder towards the end. The club bit payed quite funky stuff, but it was pretty much an eclectic mix. Great crowd though & not as much as a rip as the rest of the clubs in Ibiza. Well worth a visit. :)
This year Garlands at Pin Up has been named the number one place to go by DJ Magazine and althogh ive only seen pictures it looks like an amazing venue. The admission fee is 20 Euros on tuesday when Garlands are there which is about £14 i think. Pretty cheap huh! Oh and the drinks are only £3 each rather than the usual £9!
Theres another bonus too! Everyone gets a band with numbers on to put round their wrist and every tuesday 50 numbers will be randomly picked out of a hat. These numbers will be put on a board and if they match the numbers on your wrist band you get free drinks............ all night! 12 hrs of free drinking every tuesday for 50 people each week!
this is one day/night im so looking forward to, last year they were at space and it was amazing...

looking forward to a new venue also. Quick question, as pinup is smaller than other clubs, and has probably had more press is there chance of their tickets selling out days before???
Ive been worried about that too. You can get tickets from Bar-M, mega Music sunset bar and Kanya im getting mine on monday, hope they havent gone by then.
Would you rate it, Jan?

I really liked Pin Up when I was there last season but am wanting to know what Soulheaven is like.
kitten's head said:
Would you rate it, Jan?

I really liked Pin Up when I was there last season but am wanting to know what Soulheaven is like.

My rate 08/10.

Music: house, deephouse, disco,...
House music with a very warm, soulfull influence.

I really liked it yesterday. => Nice atmosphere & location, good music, food, ...


Opening Party June 25/03:
Bar SuSu Terrace 4pm-midnight

Kerry Chandler
Kenny Thomas Live
Steve Butler

Club (11 pm - 6 am)
Kerry Chandler
Phil Asher
Steve Butler
Luke McCarty & Conan Naughten

Classic soul food bbq from 4pm - 8pm
entry: 20€